50 Ways To Improve Customer Engagement With Call Center Integrations

You may have tons of staff and handle a variety of functions, but when it comes to the backbone of an organization,  it is always the section that deals with customer support.

It does not matter if you have the call center software installed, or if you have the maximum number of agents  to handle these interactions.

When it comes down to growth and success, it always depends on the customer experience and interactions with them.In order to meet the customer expectations, the businesses needs to fully handle them and their concerns.

In fact, it should be their top priority.

Businesses must be prepared to meet their expectations and engage their attention with the best customer service that can be provided to them.

However, the customer support should be handled and created in such a way so that they have the broad capabilities that would help them in serving the existing & potential customers in the most efficient and the best possible way.

In order to achieve this, the companies must be aware of the necessary equipment that will be needed.

A wide and well established range that has the technological functions, architectural structures, special features and customer services are the parts that are obviously required.

These can help in providing services and solutions that are rich in features.

When it comes to call centers, these features must either come integrated with the main system, or they must be integrated as a third party component.

Obviously, there are set of routines, tools, and software systems, protocols that must be followed for building applications that would enable a kind of a smooth flow in the system and maintain a sense of ease when used.

These tools work together like a single unit to keep the system alive and hence provide the customers with services that appears seamless and continuous.

Basically, it helps them work in a unified fashion.

To achieve this unified and seamless look, call center companies are focusing more on the integration of such systems into the existing ones.

They are taking notes to approach the holistic view of touch points when it comes to the journey of the customer.

Also, they have enabled discreet communications of the customer across several channels, and many companies have even looked into having just an omni channel solution to make the service look more seamless and place them collectively.

This context driven usage of resources, with the added goodness of multi-channel interactions, is changing the game of customer service.

They are not only call centers but also customer engagement centers.

Some of the ways that can be used for improvement of the customer service facilities are:

1. Support for omni channels should be looked into as soon as possible.

An omni channel support is simply the engagement of all the activities of the customer as they come in touch with the company.

Omni channels allow the customer to approach the company in whichever way they feel is the best for them.

2. The world is quite small when it comes to communications today, with social media technology advancing the way customers engage and communicate with others.

As such, customers are trained to believe that there should be more than one way to contact the company, for example through channels like Facebook, Twitter, and email and so on.

Therefore, the company must make sure that all the conventional ways are available to the customer in case they want to contact the company to solve their problems.

3. The response of the company should be fairly on time, regardless of what channel the customer is using for communication.

Customers expect fast solutions to their dilemmas and therefore a fast, efficient response that covers their concern is necessary to hold the customer’s attention.

4. Omni channels can help the agents in a variety of ways.

However, the most popular usage is customer information.

With the help of omni channel the customer can view all the necessary details of the customer on one screen, regardless of what channel the customers are using at the moment.

5. Once the agent has access to the data related to the customer he or she is attending to, they can easily determine the history of the customer with the company, the status of the customer within the company, the problem that the customer is facing, and then even the relevant solutions that the agent can provide.

This cuts down the time of speculation and they are looking around for the answers.

6. Managers of today’s world needs to evolve in order to handle all the demands of the customers.

Nowadays, managers often look into what is called as Contact Center Infrastructure, also known as the CCI.

With contact center infrastructure, they can look at a product from a single source itself.

7. The contact center infrastructure gives the manager plenty of features that helps them manage the agents and the customers.

One such thing is the reporting and monitoring, that provides a better, faster, and an easier system management.

This is a great feature that saves a lot of time and effort to gather data and customer information.

8. The CCI provides great flexibility that helps agents to adapt to various types of business processes.

It is also immensely helpful when any sort of adaption is required for business processes.

They are also great when it comes to enabling the automation of the computer processes.

They also help with the unification of systems and therefore provides a rather simple, but structured experience to the manager.

The CCI therefore is great when it comes to providing a simpler, faster method of work for the managers.

9. Sometimes, vendors cannot provide any solution for the entirety of the call center and by default pay attention to customer service and customer needs.

In the absence of vendors, applications must be installed to make the process easier, faster and quicker.

It should replace the vendor whenever necessary.

10. Such applications can find out the requirements of the software and determines the best way to make the experience of the customer seamless.

It is their key feature, therefore these applications are an absolute must when it comes to the integration of software and products.

11. Telephony integration is a great way to deliver a smooth customer experience.

They can be integrated in a variety of ways to help the agent when talking to a customer.

They are usually smooth and quick to use and execute.

12. Telephony can be introduced to the system with the help of the URL based integration.

This integrates using the help of a third party system.

They invoke the URL of the other party present in the system and uses the URL at different points to integrate itself.

This is a very common way for the integration.

13. The second way of integration of the telephony is web toolbar integration.

The web toolbar integration is helpful because it allows the contact center software to integrate with any other party’s telephony when requested.

The telephony function in this scenario is then provided with the help of a toolbar.

This toolbar can usually be placed anywhere desired, directly on the other party’s webpage that will support the


14. The last way in which one can easily use the telephony feature is the market place based integration.

In this type of integration, the product, or the service, or both, is asked to give information from the database.

This information is usually provided by the third parties in the targeted market place.

15. The transactions taking place due to the market place based integration is usually done with the help of a marketplace operator.

The company who uses this form of integration usually requires it to have their own applications in the market place with the third party.

Therefore, it can be easily installed, taking care of the business requirements in mind.

16. The world has transformed itself into a place where technology is the alpha and omega.

Without technology there is very little that can be accomplished.

Communications is no exception, especially when it comes to modern businessmen and women.

They demand quick communications and responses regardless of the data they are providing.

To match their needs, a complete user interface framework is required.

17. This user interface framework should give the customers instant results whether it be service, transportation, communications, or any other aspect of their life related to the product they have purchased.

User interface framework will provide the instant access that is needed for the customers regarding support portals.

Such user interfaces can even be incorporated in the iPhone or Android phones with the help of apps.

These apps help in getting started quickly and without any hiccups.

18. These sort of user interface framework based apps can benefit the customers in a variety of ways.

It is a good intuitive medium, which means it can predict and curve out the best solution using the user information so that, the user gets immediate answers to their solutions.

19. It is also useful when it comes to enabling the customers with information.

They can choose to receive it via messages or emails, therefore it is great in providing a personalized experience catered to individual customers.

20. For every human being on the planet, there are at least two mobile phones.

Given the consumption of data through mobile phones and their convenience, there is no doubt that these apps are useful in customer engagement.

The customers can keep track of their business using these apps whenever and wherever they want.

21. Applications are relatively easier to create and maintain.

Which means that whatever the company is offering, especially when the product is new in the market, will have a quicker time reaching the customers.

Besides, customers prefer staying in touch with the companies via phones more than any other method, so that they can be informed about marketed products in a better way .

22. Mobile phones are incredibly easy to use, especially with the current mode of smartphones that already have AI in them, making note of their browsing habits, their likes and dislikes.

Using these phones, the customers have an easy time providing valuable feedback.

23. CRM integration is important when it comes to improving customer engagement.

CRM stands for customer relationship management software, and it is a vital part of any call center business.

24. CRM helps in the organization of customer information.

They are also used to track customer history and activities, and is therefore indispensable to the company.

Following and managing conversations also becomes easier with the CRM software integration.

25. The primary reasons why call center companies should invest in a good CRM software is to help the agent teams understand their customers better.

With knowledge about what customers desires from the customer service, customer engagement becomes a much more manageable task in itself.

It is not always easy to maintain the customer engagement and customer service quality all by itself.

There is a need to implement the best call center software available in the market and use it regularly for the best results.

However, these call center solutions are necessary to be well maintained, and therefore it is important to constantly tweak it to suit the company needs.

Not all call center companies are the same; they have different ways to handle the same type of things.

What is more important is, to look into your own company needs and attack the weakest points of it to make it stronger.

Call center software solutions can come up with a bunch of features through which solutions can be found quickly.

These solutions can be used and integrated in a way so that it doesn’t disrupt the already present applications in the system.

Regardless of which telemarketing software is being used, the most important thing to remember is that customer service should always be a top priority.

Customers can make or break the company, so all the efforts of the company should be focused on serving the customers as efficiently as possible.

So you have your online call center software in place, and your agents are well trained.

However, there is one single review of your services by a customer who had a negative experience on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

More people join in to share their negative experiences, and then, the post goes viral.

Just like that, your entire company is thrown into jeopardy—all because of one poor customer service.

Customer service and customer engagement is, no doubt, one of the most important tasks to handle by any call center company.

What’s more, it is also one of the most difficult sectors of your company to perfect.

One slip up from your well trained agents, or one hiccup from the software that you are using, and everything else has a chance to fail.

Customers should always be talking about your company in a positive manner.

They should be recommending it to the other companies, they should be willing to return to the services again and again because they were a pleasure to you.

They don’t want to be misinformed or worse, mistreated, made to waste their time for no reason.

Now, you might already have an excellent system in place.

But you should always want to make your customer care shine everything, and have the customer leave positive reviews about your company.

To do this all the time, you must be aware of the changes that you can make in your system, and tweak them often.

The needs of a customer will keep changing throughout their purchase journey.

Which means that your software and your agents will have to mold themselves to suit the customer needs.

This is indeed a lot of work, but also, this should be the core goal of your company: to make the customers as happy with your services as possible.

There are several integrations that you can try to maintain that super fluid communication system between your customers and your agents.

This will drastically improve customer services, and even help in pointing out the underlying problems that you have never noticed before.

The combination of a good software system, and an excellent agent team will help the call center flourish beyond the set goal of sustenance.

Call centers have been playing passively, like the underdogs, but more and more entrepreneurs have come to terms with the fact that call centers are vital to success.

In fact, many entrepreneurs believe that call centers are key to competing with industry giants, which is to say, the success of the call center is often the success of the company.

They have become the important and permanent part to customer service, which is what the companies hope to achieve.

Contact centers, with the help of integrations in their systems, have radically transformed from just customer service to a dynamic sector that deals with the customer engagement.

They have become the backbone of companies who wish to stay in close contact with their customers.

Today, call centers must come equipped with the basic functions, as well as have extra depth to them that allows them to help the customer in a unique, but efficient manner.

They employ a large variety of tools and software systems that help them greatly.

Below are some tips that will help in customer engagement further:

26. Of course, everyone in the call center business is familiar with the term CRM.

While CRMs can be used in a great number of ways, one of the most basic functions they provide is the deliverance of the right message at the right time.

This can be the result of the CRM system that is already present with the software, or it can be separately installed.

Using CRM, customer information is just very easy to obtain, so this is a definite must.

27. Not all the customers will have long, convoluted problems that needs to be resolved by the experienced agents.

Some customers may have easier queries and some may just need a quick clarification about the product.

It is unnecessary to waste an agent’s time dealing with such a scenario, but it is still important to pay attention to them. Call centers should consider investing in a help desk to deal with such queries.

28. Help-desk may be inbuilt to provide solutions, meaning that they can be present in quick FAQs or such, from a simple contact solution vendor.

They help greatly in giving a streamlines support for the reduction of customer effort.

The customer should not, however, have to waste hours reading FAQs on the company website.

29. Messaging is a great integration to consider, especially in today’s world where messaging is more convenient for the customers than talking directly to strangers on the mobile phone.

Messaging feature is a great way to allow the customers to connect to the companies or the agents with the messaging app that they really find convenient.

30. Messaging is also a very versatile tool, which means it can be used to extend the business communications with the customers, and then the other potential customers.

Push notifications are very popular nowadays, as they are often non-intrusive and to the point, meaning it is cost efficient.

31. Also, messaging is an amazing option for smaller call centers to opt for.

Messaging can provide a channel almost everywhere in the world, and can connect to everyone who has a mobile phone. It can serve many purposes without needing the immensely complicated software.

32. Companies can also look into the live chat function if they further want to balance out the call center details concerning with messaging.

Live chat functionality is great to use with apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, twitter and many other communication applications.

They are fast and easy to use, with the added benefit of a personal touch, which is great in the eyes of the customer.

33. One way that really helps the management of business functionality is the addition of BI Capability.

BI capability is helpful in providing a detailed and immersive analytic dashboard that agents and managers can use to determine information about the customer.

34. BI Capability is also helpful when it comes to reporting the quality of the customer call.

It can also be used to provide a comprehensive analysis which is helpful to the agents and gathering of information.

35. Another great detail about BI Capability is that it can be used to review the performance of the entire organization, completely without any sort of hassle.

It is great when reports need to be made about that company, as it provides real time data on the dashboard and keeps a track of all the processes that is going on in the company.

36. Because BI Capability helps in pulling out all types of data and keep track of real time data, it is known to improve the efficiency of the resources available in the company.

It therefore helps the managers to streamline their businesses and reduce costs associated with the software.

37. As a manager, one of the most important duties that they undertake is overseeing everything that is going on in the company.

Nothing should escape his notice, because it can end up disrupting the system.

To help these leaders, every company should look into a WFM or Workforce Management System.

38. WFM is powerful. It can be used to handle the productivity rates of the employees by collecting data and information about their work.

Because of WFM, managers can have an accurate insight about scheduling of employees, real-time data gathering on employees, monitoring and then, management.

39. Performance Monitoring is important when it comes to customer service sector.

Performance monitoring can also be achieved with the use of the Workforce Management System to accurately chart the company progress.

40. Using WFM give a lot of information about the agents, therefore the managers can determine agent requirements and performance with the information available itself.

WFM can also generate volume forecasts, which means that the managers can decide what to do with each individual agent depending on the volume of customer calls.

41. One integration that is really helpful in the call center market is the ability to diversify the company to meet the diverse customers.

No two customers are the same and no two clients will respond to the agents in the same manner.

Therefore, the most natural step is to diversify the staff so that every customer is made to feel welcome.

42. Customization and personalization is one of the most important thing, and the simplest thing that can be done to engage the customer further in the company.

Personalized greeting, customized language options and so on are great for engagement.

43. Employee empowerment is good for both the employees and the customers.

For employees, it means having a bit of control about their personal preferences, which can refresh them and give them new enthusiasm.

For customers, it means agents who actually listen and not simply provide generic answers.

44. A simple engagement technique which is old but effective is to have a customer journey map.

It will trace the path from their product purchase to the problems they are facing and the assistance that they were provided. Relevant questions can be asked instead of wasting time asking for the customer history.

45. One trick to engage your customer is to touch their hearts, as these are the things that are most remembered.

A valued agent who was treated great by the agent with utmost care will remember the experience and want to return.

46. Just like customer journey mapping, it is important to create a service tree that will determine the faults in the transactions and what could have been done differently.

47. When it comes to a basic integration, customer feedback comes to the mind.

Customer feedback is valuable because the agents can use the information to provide better services next time around.

48. Find out the important details of the company, such as low turnover rates, early on.

These often do not pose problems in the beginning but overtime can create big problems.

49. Consider a framework based on the API building blocks, which can be integrated across all the channels to create a program personalized for your company.

50. Invest in intelligent routing which would allow the customers to connect to the right agent faster instead of having to wait for the agent to free up.

This will resolve backlog issues as well.

Customers need a fast and efficient response to their problems, of course.

To achieve that, these integrations are unavoidable.

In some cases, some integrations can be overlooked, but in general, it is always better to add a little extra to the system with the help of outbound call center solutions than add few and face troubles later on.

In order to form an integrated platform, cloud based call center software solutions are the best bet.

Software that can transform and provide a seamless outlook to the customer is the best for your company.

Call centers should always maintain a unified look in their approach, and should always be willing to use multiple channels for communication.

Call centers who are aware of the demands of the customers should search for the best cloud call center software first and then tweak it to benefit the company overall.

They should obviously be adept at using multiple channels maintenance, and obviously be in touch with the customers as much as possible.

Personalization is key to a good service.

Using advanced cloud call center software, agents can provide customized service for the customers of the company, which of course requires well trained agents in the first place.

There are a thousand of different things to keep in mind when dealing with customer service, and it is quite a task to make them all work seamlessly so that the customer is in no way inconvenienced.

But when these little things come together in the call center to provide the customers with the best service that can be the success of the business, is imminent.