Top 10 Ways To Optimize The Digital Customer Engagement

One of the biggest questions that keeps on coming up at every corporate meeting is whether the company is doing enough to keep the customers engaged.

With most of the people using online payment and transaction methods including virtual currencies for trading, adopting exclusive call center software system can somehow make a difference to your customer service.

More often, companies simply believe that they are already offering a great digital experience to the customers.

However, a recent study by Conduent reveals a completely different perspective.

According to the study, around 47% of customers in Europe and the U.S., were not satisfied with their overall experiences.

One of the quintessential features of all the quality customer service is providing a seamless experience to the customers.

However, you will find the majority of the companies struggling to do so despite employing the latest technologies and customer-pleasing tactics.

They fail to understand that merely giving options for communication to the customers is not enough.

The quality of interaction is also equally important.

In any case, the customer support service of a company delivers fragmented experience; the credibility of a brand gets compromised.

Measuring Digital Customer Engagement

Prior to implementing the tactics for improving digital customer engagement, you must measure where you stand in terms of providing customer service.

So how can you measure it?

There are so many metrics that you can use such as page views, email open rates, or even time on site.

Apart from all these marketing mumbo-jumbo, customer engagement is more about how your brand makes the customers feel.

What does it mean by keeping the customer engaged or increasing the customer engagement?

It means that you are investing all those advertising, promotion and customer care tactics simply to encourage that mushy gushy feeling in the minds of the customers.

When the customers feel positive about your brand it gives rise to brand loyalty.

It is a very simple calculation. If people accept your brand at the first attempt, they will come back again to buy it.

However, if you want to beat the competitors, then you must make the customers love your brand.

And if they get attached to your brand, they will definitely spread a good word about it to their friends which can ultimately bring a massive improvement in your sales.

And it is the customer engagement that decides how the customers feel about your brand.

Do they like it, love it, or simply cannot do without it?

Here are a few effective and proven tips for improving digital customer engagement:

1. Giving Seamless Mobile Experience

Merely having a mobile app of your brand does not guarantee customer satisfaction.

According to a report published by ComScore, customers dedicate nearly 57% of their online time to mobile apps.

However, around 51% of these customers do not download new apps in a month.

So, the challenge is to convince the customers to download your app.

Instead, you can simplify the mobile experience for them by optimizing your official website for Smartphone.

Installing click-to-call buttons can reduce the efforts of the customers.

You can offer communication facility on channels which your target customers normally use for interacting such as SMS and messaging apps.

So, even if the customers do not download your app, you still can provide them a great, seamless mobile experience and improve customer engagement digitally.

2. Optimizing All Channels Of Communication

Check out whether your social media page such as that Facebook or your Twitter account is informative or not. Customers will interact on these channels only if they provide a faster response through a phone.

Make sure that the customers feel that they can use the channel of their choice for starting any communication.

Although you cannot completely customize the channel as per your requirements since each of them has their special qualities, you can at least optimize each of them to their fullest potential to make customers confident of getting a response.

For example, you can ensure that the response on Twitter is quick, the Facebook posts are supported by engaging videos and the voice channel has a callback system.

3. Use Social Media Platforms As Tools

Primarily social media networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook are just platforms that connect people.

However, corporate companies are nowadays effectively using them as tools for extracting important information such as the latest trends, customer feedback and response, share, research influencer’s, and experts in the field.

Accordingly, create content that your customers will immediately respond to.

Similar to Lenovo, the global leader in the computer world, you can also use the digital social tools for delivering immense value to the customers.

Billions of people regularly follow different brands on social networks.

And they certainly do not simply want to connect because it is possible to connect even outside the social media channel.

When the customers follow you on Facebook or Twitter, or like your page or post, it is because they trust you and believe that you will bring positive and urgent solutions to their problems.

By increasing  online customer engagement in this way you can retain as well as keep the customers happy.

4. Building Positive Feedback Loop

From young children to elderly people, everyone wants to get something back and when they receive rewards on their purchase; they will always remember the brand and the people who made it possible.

You can pair the incentives and rewards like special offers and coupons against requests for reviews or testimonials.

You can also ask for user-generated content so that the impact of customer engagement doubles up.

A good example is that of Birchbox that retained its customers simply by offering rewards to all its previous purchasers.How did they do it?

They offered 20% off coupon for the next purchase. But that was not all.

The coupon also included a link to the favorite products of the customer thereby shortening the path-to-purchase.

In this way, the company made it easier for the customers to find their kind of products which ultimately encouraged them to purchase more.

With this strategy not only will customers come back to your online store to redeem the coupon but will feel connected to your brand and will be encouraged to leave a review for it.

For better response and easy implementation of this strategy, try using Yotpo coupon feature.

Use it to offer after-purchase gifts or pairing the after-purchase request with the mail.

5. Boosting Customer Engagement With Gamification

For boosting long-term engagement, many digital marketing experts advise the use of gamification.

It gives best results when implemented immediately after the customers have signed up.

It is the time when the customer is trying to judge your brand and the impression that he gets during this on-boarding phase that will remain with him for long.

So it is the right time to implement gamification.

Here are some ideas to use it effectively:

• For keeping the new users engaged, use the progress bar while they sign up

• Create a competitive spirit by building a leadership board.

It will trigger off competition among the new entrants.

• Add challenges and rewards to the standard post-sign-up emails so that the customers are encouraged to continue their participation.

This strategy not only boosts customer engagement but also helps to build customer loyalty.

Launch gamification, the moment the customers sign up.

It increases their chances of becoming loyal customers as their engagement on your site will increase.

Apart from the above ideas, you can come up with innovative, new ways depending on the type of your product and target customer group to keep the visitors engaged.

6. Providing Secure Experience

Many people are wary of interacting or going forward with online communications mostly because of security issues.

To make sure that your customers do not face such unfortunate digital experiences, take steps to enforce security within your call center system.

Also, advise the customers to secure their account and log in details from their side by using passwords for accessing it. Make your contact center agents use passwords when they are using the data.

Another way to secure digital experience is by using the trusted payment methods such as Escrow or PayPal or through the data encryption.

Merely, using secured methods is not enough.

You must also present the details on your website so that the customers know exactly what you are doing to keep their transaction data secured.

7. Offer Self-Service To Save Time

It is a proven fact that self-service saves a lot of time.

Customers love to help themselves as they have options to choose their direction.

Offering IVR menus or adding discussion forum on the website along with answers to the frequently asked questions and providing access to engaging video tutorials can help the customers reach their solution quickly on their own.

According to a study by Coleman Parkes, 91% of respondents use online knowledge bases that are designed to fulfill their needs.

So when you empower your customers through self-service they will be happy to revisit your site again.

8. Try To Provide Personalized Experience Each Time

A company might be doing everything possible to enhance overall customer experience but a personalized experience is what results in loyal customers.

So, try to find out whether your customer care department is meeting the needs of the customers on a personal level or not.

You can do it by analyzing the profiles of customers and checking their purchasing habits, or survey responses.

It will help your customer to develop a deeper bond with each individual.

You can use this information for creating targeted promotional offers or personalized video content or even for making product recommendations.

Such personalized approach will also help to improve service communications.

9. Encouraging Regular Fans To Build Community

The fans that follow your brand the most on social media are the brand advocates with whom you can build a strong relationship.

If you manage to establish a positive bonding with such followers, you can use them as powerful brand advocates for creating viral engagement via word-of-mouth advertising.

One of the most effective ways of improving online customer engagement is building a customer community.

It guarantees an increase in long-term engagement.

However, lately, it has been overlooked by most of the digital marketers.

You can revive this concept by tapping the benefits of advocating your brand through such advocates whose word-of-mouth referrals will drive new traffic to your website.

Importantly, these customers will not need much convincing as they already have a lot of trust in your brand because the reference has come from their near one.

But finding such brand fans can be tricky.

How do you find a brand advocate?

• Customers who regularly re-share your posts on the social media are the best bet for such a task.

• Interact with these customers and build a relationship with them by finding out ways in which you can influence their passion for your product or service.

• Reward customers who follow you actively by adding coupons on social media pages.

• Check out the customers who redeemed these reward coupons and then connect with them with a follow-up reward.

Encouraging your brand advocates to write blogs on your company’s website can drive more customers because these people know exactly what the audience wants as they are also one of them.

Customers who are passionate about your company or brand spread the message with more enthusiasm and sincerity which is why it definitely gives results.

For implementing this strategy, you must track down the maximum number of such advocates of your brands.

Identify happy customers by leveraging social media, checking positive reviews or following them on multiple channels of communication.

10. Holding A Customer-Engagement Summit

You can learn about customer behavior by reading books, articles, newspapers, magazines, journals, and also via multimedia, podcasts, and videos.

But a direct meeting provides you a first-hand experience of customer behavior and their interest in your product.

Holding a customer-engagement summit is a good idea to upgrade your information about your customers’ interests and problems.

You can collaborate with other businesses for making it a big success.

It is a big learning experience which helps your employees to know how the other businesses operate and identify  the expectations of the customers.


When you implement various tactics to optimize customer engagement, you can expect to get results within a few months.

However, you can expect a quick response by supplementing your efforts with call center solutions.

Engaging best call center software in your regular working ensures that you are using the latest and the most advanced call center software solutions for getting the desired results.

With the support from advanced telemarketing software, you can implement all the above strategies and optimize customer engagement.