How to Improve ROI of Marketing Campaigns

In this customer centric world, you can gauge the importance of tracking a lead; after all, it’s important to know how your business is performing.

Originally, marketers and businesses majorly trusted digital analytic tools to measure conversions; but the major source of leads, generated through telecommunication, remained untraceable.

This in return amplified the need for call tracking systems, which not only helps understand the effectiveness of a campaign but also aids businesses by providing actionable insights.

Call tracking, a technology used in call center software, allows you to associate phone calls with performance based advertising like search engine optimization (SEO) services and Google AdWords.

That said, it is a performance based reviewing system for advertisements as well as your staff. The method in telephony is equivalent to the conversion tracking used on the internet.

You could use call tracking for identifying the number, location of the caller and the digital marketing source of the call (organic, referral or pay per click ads); additionally, you can record calls to improve the quality.

In all, the system can help you generate reports based on the call summary, the frequency of calls, location, repetitive and unique customers, and contact details of the customer.

Moreover, the system is an ideal companion for your SEO and can be availed on any incoming telephone line – Public Switched Telephone Network or Voice over Internet Protocol.

All you’ll need to do is pick the call center solutions that best suits your business requirements.

Not enticing enough? Let’s take a closure look at how you can improve the ROI of your marketing campaigns:


1.    Boost the ROI: You can draw sufficient information, with call tracking, that can help you determine the output for marketing campaigns. The system allows you to use a unique phone number for each campaign. This is a trackable number which can help you identify and optimize ads that are doing well.

2.    Track the peak hours: You can track the busiest call hours, letting you identify peak time hours and days for your business. This will help you schedule your work timings accordingly.

3.    Reporting: When you have all the information available (number, caller, call duration and more) for reporting, you can take your business decisions with ease. As and when you need to look at the performance of your business, you have quick access to numbers. This not only helps to strategize but it also helps you in terms of budgeting your ad spends.

4.    Manage inquiries with ease: It is significant for you to route customer queries to the right person at the right time or it could give a boost to your call dropout rate; resultantly decreasing the customer satisfaction index.

Using the best call center software could help you forward calls efficiently. This will not only aid your business with efficient customer support but will also help telemarketers manage customer inquiries.

5.    Know your target audience: The most important thing while promoting your business is ‘identifying your target market’ and call tracking does the job for you. It gives you accurate details about your customer demographics and lets you run targeted campaigns.

6.    Insights with call recording: Like I mentioned before, the technology lets you record incoming calls, giving you access to customer issues. Want to know how? Call recordings help yield valuable information about your customers. For instance: Their preferred product, feedback and much more.

7.    Tracking through unique phone numbers: Having a unique tracking phone number for every campaign will assist your digital marketing efforts and will help you check your landing pages for efficiency. Crafting online campaigns was never easier!

8.    Compare different channels: Unique phone numbers also lets you compare different channels and choose the one that best suits your business.

For instance: If you know print ads are giving lesser conversions as compared to digital ads, you would definitely choose digital advertising for lead generation.

It doesn’t matter where you post the number – on newspapers, television or on the internet, you can have a unique number for each channel and track the leads generated, to measure the ad performance.

9.    Manage your staff: Well, all of the above are customer centric benefits. Let us now look at how you could manage your staff. Providing you with the ability to record calls, the call tracking system lets you assess your employee performance and train them to improve the quality of calls.

10.    Improve your SEO: You can also improve your SEO with call tracking. It simply adds ease for you to gather keyword ideas and test them accordingly. This will further help you collect information about your pay per click advertisements and see how they are performing. It’s time you refine your keywords and optimize them to the best of it.



There are numerous possibilities you could explore. Let me take you through a case that will show you the add-ons of implementing a call tracking system.

Ever heard about Veterinary Practice Partners (VPP)? They are partners with veterinarians and act as their teams to improve companion care for the animals.

Their objective is to manage the business side of it, while the vet’s take care of animal care. VPP’s, as part of their services, take partial ownership of the business and manage functions like operations, marketing, human resource, and accounting.

The VPP that we are currently talking about serves around 40 hospitals in the United States.


Now when we talk about VPP’s, their core strength is running data-driven marketing campaigns and optimizing them. The VPP’s noticed that the veterinarians, they served, had an exceptional dedication towards their patients; but didn’t have an appropriate database for marketing.

The vets seemed to be struggling with data collection and analysis, as they used the traditional ways of marketing like print ads in magazines, phone books, and local publications. It was important for them to have online and offline data to run effective marketing campaigns.

The VPP’s not only wanted to get a database in place but also wanted the vets to appear in the local search results.

They required the call center software solutions that could benefit them in both the ways.

Their clients already had a digital presence. Now, the task was to track the callers and optimize their SEO. The VPP’s choose a suitable solution, considering factors like price and user-friendliness, after looking at various demos.


The VPP’s primarily wanted to attribute calls, to understand if investing time and money on a website optimization project was going to make an evident impact on the SEO structure of their website.

They decided to experiment for a month and now, with call recording, they could listen to all the calls driven by Google’s organic search.

The VPP’s wanted to see how many organic visitors actually book an appointment and what could be the monitory value of such conversations.

Implementing the call tracking system benefitted the vets in various ways:

•    One of which was to train the team.

•    The other was lead generation. They noticed that around 45 percent unique callers coming from Google’s organic search booked an appointment. Additionally, the system gave them a deeper understanding of how the leads could be converted.

They only gained confidence in the SEO project and came to an outcome that website optimization would increase their conversion ratio. They needed an upgrade which would allow them to view keyword data and help them improve their landing pages.

The only problem here was that they did not want to hurt their current SEO. Google has indicated that contact details across all the online directories should be consistent. Using call tracking Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) was the appropriate method that could be used. It instantly provides detailed information. It helps you:

•    Look beyond the clicks and identify the number that called

•    Display unique tracking numbers based on the referring source, letting you identify the channel through with the call was led

•    Pinpoint the keyword searched for

•    You can also spot the banner ad and the landing page associated with the lead

•    With text message marketing. Oh yes, it does! Let me explain this one with an example – Callers who saw a PPC ad and inquired could get a text message, while those who receive an email could get the other message; each of which could have a separate tracking phone number.

 Based on the search engine, keyword referrals, and online ads, the technique lets online marketers display unique tracking number on their website.

•    The VPP’s were now going to execute the SEO project with a main line tracking number. It was more like a regular phone number with additional functions like call routing, analytics, recording, and IVR.

They, however, wanted their business name and number to be consistent; for which, they ported their original number to the main line number. Yes, that’s possible!

•    For granular insights, they further decided to use session tracking with their main line number. This gave them comprehensive data about the source, as well as customer/ visitor behavior. It further helped Google crawl through their site.


Prior to implementing the call tracking system, the veterinarians did not know where their ad spends had to be focused. The system gave them insights on which directories worked best. Amazingly, the insights drawn from the system contradicted their preceding thoughts.

Initially, the VPP’s were spending more on the vet’s website and did not know how many leads the call directories were generating.

•    With the main line tracking number, the VPP’s noted that 80 percent of their calls were driven by print directories.

•    Calls that came through the website were approximately 14 percent.

•     Nearly 6 percent calls came through their AdWords campaign.

•    Apart from all of this, keyword analysis has become easier now; without any drop in the organic ranking.

Apart from the benefits it brought digitally, VPP’s were now able to identify channels that drove phone call conversions.

Resultantly, helping them lower their ad spends by 20 percent. Surprisingly, the VPP noticed that a channel, which generated leads, went unnoticed before the system was implemented; but eventually, the ad spends for this channel were increased, looking at the conversion rate it offered.

As a whole, the system reflected the company’s core values and significantly offered informed marketing. VPP’s now want to strengthen their scope of work and look forward to offering data support to their partner hospitals.

It is time for you to explore the depth offered via a call tracking system & but be sure to get your fundamentals right! Look for demos and the functionality it offers; this could vary from company to company. So wait no more! Dive in deep for customer insights and boost your conversion ratio with traditional, yet contemporary, methods of marketing.