How you can provide better customer service with your telephone

Providing excellent customer service can help any business create loyal customers for life who will be willing to refer you more clients in form of their friends and colleagues.

To provide good customer service you should start with a desire to not only surprise but delight your customers!  Start by trying to help your customers rather than just selling your product or service to them.

Here are some ways you can start to provide better customer service with your telephone:

Know Your Product

To provide good customer service, you and your employees should know what you’re selling. Make sure each one of your customer service executives know how your product works.  Make them aware of the most FAQ’s asked by the customers and know how to articulate the simplest  answers.

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Be Friendly

It’s a well known fact that customers can hear a smile through the telephone! So be sure that when you are handling customer service requests via telephone, your smile comes through in your voice!

Say Thank You

Gratitude is always memorable, as it reminds your clients why they hired your company. Saying a small thank you after every transaction brings in a habit of good customer service.

Invest in training your staff

It’s important to make sure all your customer service executives understand the way they should talk to, interact with, and resolve problems for customers. Your staff is your point of contact with your customers; ensure that they carry your good intentions through!

Show Respect

Customer service can sometimes involve conflicting emotions. Never let your own emotions come in the way of making your customer happy.


Listening is one of the best kept secrets of customer service! Keep an ear out for signs that they are displeased, as well as for what they are saying in words.

Ask for Feedback

Remember to ask for feedback! You may be surprised about your customer’s think of your products and services. Using surveys, feedback forms and questionnaires help, but make it a common practice to ask customers verbally for feedback whenever you interact with them!

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Use Feedback You Receive

Something so simple, but what many businesses overlook. Put the feedback you received to good use, rather than letting it gather dust!

Good customer service comes with constantly checking in with your customers and making sure they are happy with the products and services you’re offering! Make sure they are also comfortable with the entire process and well the after sales process. If you succeed in doing the above steps carefully, your customers will surely appreciate the excellent customer service you provide and reward you for it!

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