How To Achieve Operational Efficiency With Call Center Solutions

To provide competitive service, businesses have no other option but to boost their operational efficiency wherever and as much as possible using the most advanced call center software.

It is particularly more important for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) who have to continually keep on operating efficiently as they have limited resources as compared to the larger organizations.

If any startup or small business company fails to boost its operational efficiency it can soon get out of business.

To understand how to achieve operational efficiency with the help of contact center software let us take the example of a call center company.

Case Study

We are studying the case of a small call center company that started its business a couple of years ago.

As a startup the company had very limited resources and capital, however, the young directors were highly ambitious.


The company was naturally going to face big competition from the already established fishes in the BPO and call center industry.

All of them had good clients and unlimited funds so that they could negotiate with the clients and give the best rates in the industry.

Naturally, they were already using the best call center software and getting positive results from it.

The startup call center company on the other hand had limited budget decided to invest it in the office space, infrastructure, developing marketing team and hiring experts from the sales world.

The company hired few agents for the front-line department who were given the task of handling the customer care department.

Since a contact center software is important for carrying out telecommunication the company invested in low-quality software that just performed the basic function of communicating with the customers on the phone.

Although the company managed to gain few clients through aggressive marketing strategies, it was unable to rope in big corporations.

Moreover, the existing clients were also not satisfied with the customer care service and complaints started pouring in within a few months.

Now the directors were in dilemma regarding how to find a perfect solution to this problem.

That is when they decided to make a survey of their competitors work and how they are managing to get the best deals in the business.

The survey revealed a few facts which were highly enlightening for the entire team:

• The competitors were using the best telemarketing software due to which their agents had more time at hand and could provide efficient service to the customers.

• The leading companies in the call center business had hired expert agents with the right expertise and experience to handle all types of customers and their queries.

That’s why most of their calls were always directed towards sales.

• Availability of the customer support service team 24/7 ensured that clients with global presence too received round the clock service and their customers never complained about non-availability of support when in need.

• The competitors were using cloud-based technology that had inbuilt CRM enabling live call recording and outbound calling system.

The above evaluation indicated that the competitors had invested smartly to ensure that their customer support service is decked up with the latest and most advanced call center solutions.

The Solution

The call center company management now decided to cover up the loopholes and integrate the best contact center software into its working. Here are some of the steps the company took to improve its quality of work:

1. The company officials tested the demo version of several contact center software and ultimately decided the one that suited their budget and requirement.

2. The HR department of the company hired some of the best front-line employees in the business to ensure that they not only improve the quality of work but also influence the other staff members with their working style.

3. The survey also revealed that some of the agents were lacking in certain customer care service skills like speaking  politely, tackling even the most argumentative customer smoothly and ensuring personalized interaction with each customer.

That is why the company decided to arrange training sessions for its agents on a fortnightly basis so that their customer service skills are honed and also to update them about the new introductions and features of the clients’ products.

4. The call center company also appointed a supervisor to manage each team so that their work is monitored properly.

5. Also, the company announced rewards and incentives for the best performers so that the agents will be motivated enough to contribute their 100%.

The company decided to evaluate the performance of the agent based on individual as well as team’s performance.


After the implementation of call center software solutions, things started changing positively for the call center company.

The use of new software ensured that the agents had enough technology at hand to work efficiently and improve the quality of customer care service.

Since now the company also had experts to monitor the new agents, their work was under surveillance and went on improving due to consistent update and support from the seniors.

Now, the agents knew how to handle even the trickiest or most aggressive customers smoothly and eventually were able to deliver good results by convincing them to purchase the product.

The special incentive and rewards worked like magic as now the agents focused on the individual as well as a team effort. As a result, every member of the customer care team worked with complete dedication towards fulfilling the goals of the company.

Availability of the agents 24/7 ensured that not a single customer’s call went unanswered.

Integrated CRM ensured that the agents could work even from the remote locations.

It helped the call center company struggling to manage its budget to employ more agents at the low cost.

After almost six months the company really started getting a good response to its efforts as the existing clients were more than happy to refer its name to their associates.

This naturally enabled the company to increase its list of clients.

Thus, with the help of advanced contact center software, the company managed to improve its operational efficiency and fulfill its target of adding high-level corporate companies to its list of elite clients.