How Call Centers Improve Customer Satisfaction In Top 28 Ways

Customer satisfaction is the end goal of every company nowadays.

Any company which seeks to attain the goal must make sure that their customer service is up to date.

Various studies indicate that call centers plays a very important role in ensuring the customer satisfaction and loyalty towards the company.

Now, the million-dollar question is that how are you going to measure the customer satisfaction?

Well, the qualitative data must be converted into something that the management can analyze and conclude the level of satisfaction of the customer.

Call center software packages are available that has a set of feedback of questionnaire and depending on the response, the customer is categorized to moderately satisfied, not satisfied and highly satisfied.

A common terminology that is used to measure that customer satisfaction rating is the CSAT .

Usually, the customers are given a survey they need to fill in.

Questions would be such that the customer will have to rate it on a scale based from 1 to 10 or 1 to 5 and so on.

Thereafter, different categories are summed up and divided by the number of customers who has responded.

For instance, total number of customers who are satisfied would be divided by the total number of customers who have responded.

Every company who is in for a longer haul will strive towards improving the scores and customer satisfaction rate.

There are various ways to improve the customer satisfaction rate and today we would discuss it at length.

1.The waiting time counts and can make or break the reputation of the company.

Usually, the customers do not want to wait for a very long time.

They need quick fix to their problem and long waiting time could only add to their frustration.

The primary focus of the company should be to monitor the turnaround time on continuous basis and make efforts to improve it.

Nowadays, there are various advanced call center software solutions that give customers viable options such as instead of waiting for the representative to answer the call, the customers can simply request a call back.

Once they request a call back, a tentative time is given to them.

However, the turnaround time for call should not be more than 24 hours because it will again put the negative impact on the customer.

2. You should never say to a customer that there is a problem with which you cannot help them.

The management should make sure that if the representative does not understand the problem of the customer or fails to offer the customer with any solution, the next step should be to forward the call to the superior authority.

3. Listening is a skill and the same should be taught to the customer care representative any moment they start the training. Even if you are out of option on few problems, it is important to give the customer some time to explain his grievance.

Probably, the representative might be able to help the customer in some way and if not venting is always a good therapy.

4. Clients call the customer care center with the expectation that all their issues would be resolved.

The customer care representative and the management knows that it is not the practical approach.

However, the customer should never feel that they are stuck with the bad product.

If not resolve the issue, then it could be compensated by various methods such as freebies or loyalty cards and so on.

5. It is human to make mistakes and land in bad books of some of the customers.

But every mistake is crucial when the company is directly dealing with the customers.

Even if the agents are making mistakes, they should surely learn something from it.

It is the duty of the team leader to make sure that the mistakes are not repeated.

6. Modern technology can make all the difference when it comes to servicing the customers.

The adoption of groundbreaking technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things has given a whole new perspective and helps the call centers to serve their customers efficiently.

Even a small technological change can make a whole lot of difference in the ways, the customers are being served.

7. Do not ignore the analytics and its contribution in making the customer care service a better experience.

Data is the superpower that every company wants to possess.

It is the database of the potential customers which helps some of the biggest organizations to effectively serve their clients and tap the potential market.

Call centers are the mines of data, at the same time they have the expertise to analyze them and it has to be placed to the right use to make them  more effective.

8. Omni channel communications has continued to grab the attention of the businesses since last year.

The strategy involving omni channel approach helps in offering a more personal approach to the customers.

9. Deploying the self-serve option to the customers for simple and routine problems can also reduce the workload of the agents and at the same time offer prompt solution to the customers.

10. Increasing number of companies are making their presence felt on social media such as Facebook.

A two-way interaction gives a more personalized feel.

11.Some of the biggest companies in the world such as Amazon have adopted new strategies.

For instance, the negative response strategy adopted by the company has proved to be effective.

12.Off late, companies offer other contact alternatives such as chat in case the customer cannot make the call.

Typing is always more cumbersome compared to talking over the phone.

Therefore, customers ask to the point queries and get the solutions.

This decreases the turn around time effectively.

13. It is important to involve various groundbreaking customer service technologies such as Casengo, Enchant, Questback and so on to improve the customer satisfaction level.

14. The way to reach the customer care representative should not be exhaustive.

Often the companies give the customer care option the least priority, that raises the level of dissatisfaction who are  expecting quick resolution to the problem.

• Coming to the more traditional tools, call recording can be extremely helpful to maintain the quality.

The agents can learn by listening to the recorded audios.

Additionally, team leaders can use the recorded calls for the training purpose.

The management should make significant changes for dealing with the customers efficiently.

15. Deploying quality assurance tools can also help in delivering better results.

These tools are specifically designed to measure and rate the customer satisfaction based on the several metrics.

The quality assurance tools gives a holistic approach of the service which is provided to the customers.

16. Other than minimizing the turn around time, Call center executives should also work on decreasing the number of transfers.

The management should make efforts to train the agents in such a way that they can resolve majority of the customer’s problem without asking them to hold the line as they transfer the call to their superiors.

Even if the need arises to put the customer on hold, the status should be updated to him within that time so that he knows if actually something is being done about his problem.

17. On receiving the complaints through e-mail, the agents should be able to make outbound calls.

While in most of the cases, the response could be given through email, there might be various issues that require special attention through call assistance.

The client would feel more welcomed and cared and it would be easier for the agent to fix the issue on call rather than drafting long email.

18. Managing calls overflow during the peak hours requires number of agents.

The management should not be overly concerned about saving the cost.

It would eventually lead to drop in the quality of customer care and dissatisfaction.

There should be proper strategy in the place, enabling the diversion of the call traffic during the peak hours.

Top priority of the management should be to make sure that during the call spike, customers are not hung up or given incomplete solution to their problem.

19. Agents should be offered proper training and technical know-how of the telemarketing software they are working on.

It would help in proper connect between the customer and the agent.

At times, the agents say it right away that they would not be able to offer any solution to the problem.

It could lead to customer dissatisfaction to the level that he would not consider using the products or  services of the same firm again.

20. Pitching too many products might not be right strategy.

Often the customer care representatives are directed to pitch their new products and services when the customer calls. The priority should be to fix the problem first rather than communicating about the new products.

Once the issue has been resolved, the representative can then talk about the new offerings to the customers. However, if somehow the management has failed to resolve the query, it is better to apologize to the customer and end the call.

21. Offering proper incentives and promotions to the representatives is also an important factor in letting the agent take care of the customers.

A happy and well paid agent would always be glad to listen to the customer and resolve the query.

Incentivizing the high performing agents is also a tested strategy to motivate the employees for performing more.

22. Maintenance of the software and system on which the representatives are working should also be monitored regularly. In case of any technical glitch, the management should be quick to take the action.

Further, the software companies keeps on releasing the updated version of the software.

These versions come up with fewer bugs and resolve most of the issues that the representative might be facing.

Management should always keep their systems updated.

23. Every second that the representative spends on one customer means that the other one is waiting on the line.

Quick verification process can reduce the time and queries can be resolved soon.

The call centers can deploy the technology which correctly verifies the customer  when they call and after that the call is transferred to the representative.

24.Keep improving the metrics that measures the level of customer satisfaction.

The trends changes quickly and the companies should change accordingly.

Any factor which did not hold much importance a year back could be significant in measuring the customer satisfaction level .

25. Offering customer support only though email is not a good idea.

The customers sometimes not even like to buy the product and service from a retailer or a website which does not have proper customer care support and voice process.

Human touch is a very important factor in upholding the customer satisfaction.

People do not like to believe that a bot is handling all their queries and offering general solutions.

In case the company does not have the kind of capital and infrastructure to spend on voice support, chat support could always be a better alternative rather than email.

26.Often the representatives are unaware of the legal side of any issue.

Understanding the legal consequences of denying a customer the right to payback or service could affect the reputation of the company and also have legal repercussions.

The management should make it a point to educate its employees about the customer rights.

A blunt denial of offering any assistance could weigh heavily on the company costing them millions of dollars.

Some of the biggest companies have faced the heat of legal suite against them after ignoring the customers their right.

27. Proper data such as reference number of each employee should be stored in the database.

Customers might get irked every time they respond to the same set of questionnaires when calling the customer care.

28. A summation of all the above factors can help the customer care centers increase their productivity and revenues through better serving the customers and ensuring that they finish the conversation on a happy note.

Call Center solutions should be in line with the latest trend, leaving customer happy and satisfied.

Even if the management installs the best call center software, the success would depend on how well the representatives manage to solve the queries of the customer.