What are the Benefits of Using Live Chat in Call Centers?

Customer service is all about meeting customer’s expectations. It would not be wrong to say that with the increase in technology the expectations of the consumers have reached a new height.

But to be in the competition every call center has to be in pace with the latest trends in the market. One such trend that has taken the customer service market by storm is “Live Chat”.

We all know that there are already a lot of channels used by the call centers around the world for providing support to their customers like emails, phones, video calls, remote sharing etc.

But these methods have become the default level for every call center. So as a call center manager, what it is that you can do to bring a change to your business and improve the customer experience?

The answer is to include live chat within your system and incorporate it with your best call center software. This can help a contact center in providing their customers with a prompt response which is the foundation for a great customer experience.

In this article, we will see the benefits you can have by including the live chat option in your contact center.

What is live chat?

Live chat is one of the ways of interaction using which contact center provides services to their customers. It allows real-time interaction between contact center agents and visitor of the call center’s website.

Advantages of using live chat

There are various advantages of using live chat in call centers and some of them are mentioned below:

For call center and agents:

1.    Allows multi-tasking: There is no doubt about the fact that providing your customers with a great service experience can be very difficult and stressful. So, to be able to achieve better results and customer satisfaction level a customer representative should possess the multi-tasking skills.

Unlike the telephonic interactions where the agent can address one customer at a time which results in reduced productivity, the live chat features allow agents to handle multiple customer’s queries at a time.

This allows the contact center agents to provide faster response and reduce the turnaround time for every query thus adding to customer satisfaction.

2.    Cut on operating cost:  The operating cost of your company is one of the major concerns for any business especially if they are in the field of customer service. Thus, the call center management is always in search of different ways that can allow them to reduce the operating cost without reducing the quality of the service.

The live chat option helps them in achieving this goal. By using live chat service the call center can cut on the costs of their telecom services as well as on the number of agents hired, since live chat permits the agents to do multi-tasking.

3.    Increased sales: Live chats are a great way to increase the sales of the product or service of your contact center. As live chat support multi-tasking, which helps in improving the productivity of every agent which in turn ensures more sales.

Not just that, by keeping a track of the number of visitors on your contact center website the agents can proactively initiate the conversation with the customer using the live chat features like “Proactive trigger” and “Auto chat” which is not possible with the telecom support. This increases the probability of selling the product or service to the customer.

4.    No language barrier:  One of the biggest advantages of using live chat is that it removes the language barrier completely. Unlike telephone support where the contact center needs to hire multiple agents so that they can provide services to customer from around the world, with live chat that is not required anymore.

With the help of various language translation tools available in the market, the contact center can increase their business reach to different countries without having to hire new agents.

5.    No missed conversations: With live chat integrated into the system the contact center can be relaxed about one thing that they are not losing on any business opportunities. When compared to telephone support where if all the agents are busy and if a call gets dropped you cannot track the caller and miss a chance of new business deal.

Well, that is not the case with live chats, even when there is no agent available, the call center agents can go offline and can convert the chat option into a contact form ensuring no opportunity of having a new customer is ever missed.

6.    Data collection: When talking about customer service there is no such thing as too much information. The more information a call center has of their customer’s need the more chances are there to serve them better.

To gather more information about a customer live chat can be very helpful. It allows the call center management to keep a track of the following:

•    Link used: It can be used to find the link the customer used to get to the contact center’s website. This gives the call center management a chance to understand what exactly the customer is looking for and assist them accordingly.

•    Number of visits: It allows the management to a keep track of number of visits a customer has made to their website. If the customer is giving its first visit the agent can initiate the conversation.

•    Activity status: With the help of live chat tool you can easily find out the activity status like time spent on the site or if they are reading or being idle etc.

•    Number of chats: We can also use it to see if the customer has been served by any agent or not. If not, an agent can try to contact the customer and try to sell the service.

•    Location tracking: Using the IP address of the customer the contact center can identify the city and country of the user. Using this information the call center management can look for ways to increase their marketing in maximum contacted location.

For customers:

1.    More convenient: The key to providing an exceptional service experience to your customers is to give them the gift of convenience. A customer will be more happy with your service if they can get a fast response, and which they get most of the times.

But what most of the call center forgets about is to reduce or cut through the tedious and time-consuming process of reaching to the customer service agent which can be very frustrating.

So, to overcome this problem and reduce the average response time the call center can use live chat. This gives the call center customer faster response and provides them with the convenience of doing other important activities while interacting with an agent.

2.    Provides Transparency: When a customer interacts with a service agent over the phone, they do not receive the log or recording of the conversation that they had. Although most of the call centers make it as a mandatory practice to send the summary of call to the customer through email.

In most of the cases, it can happen that the agent forgets to mention something that was important to the customer. Then the customer had to call again and mention the information to the agent that he requires in the email which results in a bad service experience.

So, by using the live chat, this problem can be completely eliminated. As almost all the live chat software give the user an option to receive a transcript of the interaction. This also can be used by call center agents to keep the track of customer’s query instead of requesting the customer to repeat the problem.



In the case study, we will discuss a situation faced by one of the major Indian fashion and lifestyle e-commerce Company. The company was founded back in 2012 and has their head office in Bangalore and since then they have been increasing their business in various cities of India.

To provide customers assistance with their queries the company has set up a call center in their head office which involves support through email and by phone. They used the latest call center software solutions available in market for their daily activities like call monitoring, routing, recording etc.

But, due to not so good performance of the company, the higher management decided to do a performance audit to look for the areas of improvement.

With the help of call recording stored on the call center software and through customer feedback’s, they found that not every customer is comfortable using the support line or emails for asking their queries as it is a very time-consuming process.


This raised an immediate need for the company’s management to look for an alternative solution that is both fast and effective. That’s when they came up with an idea of integrating live chat with their call center solutions.

After the management finalized and implemented a live chat tool in their support channel the company benefited in the following ways:

•    After the company added the live chat feature, the number of newly registered user doubled. As its more convenient for the user to ask product related query straight away using live chat instead of calling and waiting in queue or send an email and then wait for a response. So the company gained new business and sales increased by 18%.

•    Since the customers were getting faster service the CSAT score improved by 2% in a quarter.

•     As the live chat tool provides a survey form to the customer at the end of conversation the company was able to get more understanding about their weak areas.

•    Also, the option of saving the conversation reduced the agent’s task of sending the summary in email. Instead, they utilized that time in serving new customers that increased the probability of new business opportunities.


From this article, we can see the benefits live chat can offer for enhancing the productivity of your contact center. Live chat is not only beneficial for customers, it is really helpful for call center agents and most importantly the call center.

Not only it reduces the overall interaction cost, it greatly increases the efficiency of the agents with its multi-tasking nature. And most importantly increases the customer satisfaction.

If you also think these tips are beneficial for you can also use them in your call center and enjoy its benefits.

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