How Tentacle, a Telecalling Software Works

Tentacle, our new telecalling software can help businesses streamline their business processes, increase ROI on tele calling, manage outbound calling process, stop data theft and ensure effective follow up on all hot leads. Tentacle helps sales managers to track outgoing calls and generate productivity reports in real time, even when mobile! Real time tracking allows managers to track whether a sales campaign is working or not, rather than having to wait for results to come in.

In our various case studies we have seen many enterprises spend huge amounts of money to avail of a good telecalling software. Small and medium enterprises could do with such similar service but hesitate because it doesn’t fit into their budget. So to solve this problem we decided to develop Tentacle which is revolutionary new telecalling management software businesses of all sizes.

In this infographic we explain how exactly Tentacle, our amazing telecalling software works in augmenting your telecalling efforts.

Infographic how tentacle works

Every business needs a steady stream of sales to keep progressing on their growth path. Tentacle can help you increase your business by reducing the sales cycles and increasing the number of follow ups on every client.

Tentacle, our telecalling software can help you manage your sales team from across the globe and also increase their efficiency by servicing more clients. Get a free trial today and see for yourself!


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