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How providing good customer service can help you retain customers

Undoubtedly, it is much, much more expensive and exhausting to constantly be on the lookout for new business clients, than capitalizing on existing ones. That’s why it’s important to any small and medium enterprise to nurture their and expand their existing client base. Today we present some simple tips which we have found to be extremely helpful in helping us retain our clients.

customer service

Understand your client’s pain point areas

While companies may be having a wide range of products and services, it is most likely that your clients may need only a fraction of them. Therefore, it is critical that you understand your client’s pain point areas and pitch only those services that will help address these problems rather than those goals. Never try to up sell or oversell. Think for the client’s benefit, because ultimately they will realize that those services are not needed and will ultimately endanger your relationship with the client.

Set achievable expectations and measurable deliverables

Whilst presenting a proposal or contract, clearly describe your deliverables and methodology. Set expectations upfront so that the client understands exactly what and how you aim to fulfill the contract, without ambiguity. Document and report your progress in tangible and measurable numbers so that they know they aren’t being taken for a ride!

customer service

Never over-promise and under deliver, instead under promise and over deliver

A bad mistake that any sales manager can make is to make a promise and not keep it. Once doubt has been created in the mind of the client, it is impossible to rebuild the trust again. Good customer service entails keeping your deliverables realistic and delivering more than expected! Clients see through efforts and will surely appreciate your effort of going the long way!

Provide added value
Providing good customer service means always going out of your way to provide more value. Go beyond the job description and maybe send a market report you came across that pertains to your clients interests – personal or business. These efforts never go in vain and clients always feel that they are getting more than what they paid for!

Build relationships with your clients employees

Wherever possible, invest time in building relationships with others who work for or with your client. When outsiders comprehend the value you bring to the table, they will be encouraged to request your services as well. Building inroads with other employees is also beneficial for it your point of contact leaves the firm, you have someone to fall back on, instead of starting afresh!

customer service

No unpleasant surprises

Always stay organized and on top of things to prevent any unpleasant surprises! Never miss a deadline or overrun a budget, so as not to inconvenience your client in anyway.   Always be prepared for the unexpected, keep chaos out of bounds, and slowly you will become more and more valuable to your client.

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