How To Maintain Quality Assurance In A Virtual Call Center Domain


The virtual call centers are certainly completely different from the traditional centers. More importantly, these centers do not require any setup. All the latest call center software is so designed that they can effectively handle the entire gamut of contemporary challenges. With the help of this advanced software, the call center manager can easily stay […]

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How To Deliver Excellence With Customer Service Guide


Customer service is paramount for any e-commerce business. With the advent of advanced call center software, entrepreneurs are now diverting more attention towards improving customer support services. On the other hand, the improved technology now facilitates hassle-free conversation between the customers and the business organization. Improving customer service experience is a big challenge, but a […]

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How Call Centers Build Happy Customers


Employee turnover is a phenomenon that refers to employees leaving the company – voluntarily or involuntarily. Replacing the existing employee, makes this a costly attrition for the employer. Call centers are well known for their high turnovers, particularly amongst the customer service representatives. With an estimated 40 percent turnover, call centers definitely need to go […]

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